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I made Happy Wheels. This is wonderful

Speedo responds:



i knew within seconds this was going to infuriate everyone. it was worth watching just for the disgusting, naked, pulsating mario/luigi abomination. next favorite was the sonic scene.

i don't care if everyone hated it. it made me laugh. perhaps it was mostly due to the 1000's of shattered expectations that came with that title... or maybe it's just the sacrilegious feeling you get when witnessing any nostalgic hero in a role they should never be playing under any circumstances (even more wrong when it's portrayed in the very lowest of artistic quality).

i liked it

i sure do appreciate originality

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was i supposed to see something in the trunk? what was the proof that the limo driver killed her? did he just admit he was guilty for no reason?

360 for me...

it was upsetting to get the bionic commando question wrong

that was good

... but i couldn't go any further right after the pinecone park area.... there were no more guys to fight and i had 270 points

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oh boy

Hello there. I am Jim Bonacci, so here's a relevant review.

I would guess you are going for the style I'm using in Happy Wheels. If that's the case, then what I write following will be a critique on how your drawing matches up with my idea of that style. I think you are off to a good start.

In general I try to keep things simplistic to keep the game rendering quickly. I usually have around 3 shades max for a particular color, which you've picked up on. I like the clothing colors. The skin colors could be a little more contrasty and less pale. A little more shading around the eye will make it look more like a full eye and less like a pupil.

You've picked up on the feathering type of drawing on the clothing and overall it's pretty decent. I would say to use less detail, but to carefully choose where your shadows fall. Your lighting seems to be coming from the front of the character, as the darkest colors are on his back. In order to show a more ambient light source, I tend to draw as if the light is coming from all sides of the character. This way, the darkest areas are the innermost parts, and rotating the character during gameplay won't make it look as if the light source is changing dramatically.

Proportionally, the character could use some help. The torso is a bit too long, and the legs should be longer. Currently they are around the same length as the arms. Judging proportion by eye will get better with practice. Make sure you are happy with the proportions and spacing before completely rendering the character.

I like the stance and implied motion of the character.

What are you drawing these with? I use a wacom and draw in flash.

OK THAT'S ALL I GOT... good job.

[not a member of the review request club]

StalkerGuy responds:

Thanks! Sorry if I was sending you emails, I didn't know that you had reviewed my art.

The painting got a little bit out of hand, I was going to try to make a fanmade Happy Wheels character but the drawing then started to look like it was a guy walking sideways somewhere, so I decided to continue with that. I agree with you that the legs are a bit short and that the colors of the skin aren't good. I will continue practicing your art style.

And yes, I use a wacom bamboo and this was currently made in photoshop with only the brush tool. I do not recommend drawing the things in flash, I'd rather import bitmaps because they run 100x faster than vectors. Thank you for the review!


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